Professional 'Single-Point' Contact

Marine Consultancy


The yachting experience comes with its own set of tasks that require the attention of a specialist. These requirements range from practical aspects such as design, construction and management to the more abstract but equally important tasks, such as ownership structures, registration, finance, customs and tax issues. Quite frankly, marine customers simply want to outline their requirements and be presented with a simplified product that meets their needs.

Marine consulting requires a sense of balance between the marine experts and the people who require their services. Lighthouse Marine Group has established itself as the go-to company for providing professional ‘single-point’ contact for clients to access expert advice and customized assistance for all their marine requirements. We pride ourselves on providing all-encompassing consultancy services that will leave you to experience complete satisfaction. Our vast years of experience and connections both locally, regionally and internationally make us the premier Marine Consultancy and Management Group on the island.