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Yacht Agency

Very often the arrangements for access to a marina, pick-ups and drop offs, customs administration and full-fledged concierge service from your arrival on the island with the yacht can involve various persons and entities. The stress that accompanies these arrangements can take a toll on your leisure time and thus take away from the peace of mind and enjoyment that you so richly deserve. Because many yacht owners and captains do not want to (and in our opinion should not) be burdened with the huge task of coordinating the various aspects that are required to make a successful trip, LMG’s agents strive to simplify everything.


We at Lighthouse Marine Group believe that arrangement can be hassle free with no liaisons. Our agency can provide you with all encompassing, in-house elite service. LMG’s local agents will also eradicate all of your worries based on our expertise, commitment, dedication and vast connections to all marine related matters and Government entities. No wish is too demanding for our experienced, well-connected team. Lighthouse Marine Group agents take care of everything!

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